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Whether you want to chill out or chow down, Bellefullria has what you’re looking for


If you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, choosing Ashiraz organic and natural skin care should be a priority.


Freesia is your one-stop shop for everything wellness for the body and soul. 

Royal Salt

At Royal Salt, they are passionate about healthy salt and cooking. 

Rome Business School

Rome Business School Nigerian an affiliate of Rome Business School Italy with more than 100,000 students of over 150 nationalities.

Miyolas Firma

Your fashion plug. They keep you up to date with sweetest new-season style, awesome offers and lots more

Lagos City Review

Lagos City Review helps you discover new places, provide the insights with recommendations from a community you trust. Find a better experience, anywhere in the city. 

Quality Like Us

A multi-vendor E-commerce mall, first of it’s kind in Nigeria. Qlu is one platform that lets you own an E-commerce store for FREE and sell wherever your customers are—online, in‑person, and everywhere in‑between.  

Fisbak Logistics

At Fisbak logistics, they are committed to providing cost effective Logistic Solutions for every business. With a timed delivery that offers complete flexibility, Fisbak Logistics ensures that you never have to wait. As the leading logistics service provider among other delivery companies in Nigeria.

Gistos Investment LTD

They are an established and registered company of young professional earth scientists and mining engineers whose interest lies in providing support services, consultancy to industrial mineral companies.