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Binatone (2021 - 2022)

The brand wanted to drive footfall into major partner stores nationwide. We came up with the idea of using geo-fenced display ads to target people in different locations nationwide. For example, people staying around Ikeja and Magodo were been targeted with CTA being linked to the Ikeja City Mall map URL leading prospects seeing the ads in these areas to ICM to get the advertised product. We did this for more than 17 products across 15 states and over 42 superstores. We geo-fenced all our ads to target people who frequent areas around these 42 superstores across the 15 states. The campaign was successful as brand sales improved and we constantly recorded over 130,000 URL clicks across all our ads monthly. 

Gage Awards & Tech Exhibition (2022)

The brand wanted awareness and lots of engagement for their website for the award and tech exhibition. Firstly, we rebuilt their website and moved it to a dedicated server to be able to house the amount of traffic we were projecting. We advertised heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also constantly ran trends on Twitter and deployed display ads targeted at top blogs. We successfully sold exhibition booths for the brand and also had over 45 million impressions and over 950,000 votes during the voting phase of the award. We also constantly sent emails to already-voted people to encourage them to vote again.

Ehima Spa (2022 - Date)

The brand was new and wanted to grow. We opened accounts across all social media channels for the brand, we built a landing page for bookings and price checks. We then started creating, amplifying, and putting out daily content on behalf of the brand. Awareness grew and sales started coming. Ehima Spa is now one of the most booked Spa on the island with a good monthly revenue to back that claim. 

Royal Residences (2022 - Date)

We built a website for the brand and we are constantly creating content for their social media pages daily. We also constantly advertise on social media, google search networks, and google display. Brand awareness has grown and revenue is on the high. 

Design Union (2022 - Date)

We are driving sales and awareness for their real estate products (Canalily Place and Ilupeju Gardens) We’ve been deploying display ads and also manual placement on strategic blogs targeted at Nigerians in Diaspora. 

Mr Chef Salt (2021)

We constantly created content for the brand’s social media pages. We also helped the brand maximize the use of its brand ambassador (Mercy Johnson).

Palmcredit (2019)

The brand had just started their nano loan business in Nigeria. We were tasked to promote the business and ensure downloads as well as prompt people to take loans. We were creating and putting out daily content on their social media channels, we constantly ran PPI (pay-per-install ads) on Google and Facebook to drive app installs. After prospects registered, we used our telesales team to call and prompt them to take a loan. We successfully grew the app installs to over 200,000 in 1 year. 

Rome Business School (2021-2022)

The brand already had lots of email addresses of people who at a time indicated interest in their education programs. We were tasked with constantly engaging them via email marketing. The brand was happy with the results from this campaign as the conversion rate increased.  

Savetown (2023 - Date)

The brand is new, we opened all social media channels for the brand, constantly creating content and posting organically for the brand for the main time. Also organized a soft launch for the web app. 

Mortein (2019)

The brand wanted a comeback from their product being perceived as weak, so we came up with Mortein x2. An expression of the brand as twice as strong as it used to be. We amplified the narrative using Facebook, Instagram and on Google Display Networks targeting sites like www.lindaikejisblog.com, www.vanguardngr.com, www.punchng.com, www.stelladimokokorkus.com, www.naijaloaded.com.ng, www.lailaisnews.com, www.bellanaija.com, www.pmnewsnigeria.com, www.pulse.ng, www.premiumtimes.com, www.leadership.ng, www.gboah.com, www.kemifilani.com. The CTA leads prospects to the brand’s Jumia store (Online). This campaign lasted for 3 months with an average monthly impression of over 25 million and Jumia store page visits of over 13,000 monthly.