5 soft skills you need to succeed in tech

Technical skills are a must before you get the job. It is a key requirement that you must know what the job is about and have the skill, qualifications, or certifications to carry out the job. However, soft skills will help sustain and manage the activities you carry out on the job. Having Technical skills is as important as having soft skills.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft Skills are skills that enable you to work and interact effectively with others. They are not technical skills and cannot be learned while studying for a particular certification in tech. They are qualities needed for the success of a job, especially when working with a group of people.

Organizations and corporate individuals understand the usefulness of soft skills and hence they are on the look for how job seekers can work effectively on a team, manage time, and above all their interpersonal skills.

Top 5 soft skills in demand

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-Solving
  • Adaptability


You must understand the importance of communication. It has to do with effectively exchanging and receiving information. One cannot effectively work in Tech or any organization without having communication as a soft skill. In Tech, you will have a lot of collaboration, working across different teams, and getting feedback and responses. If you do not know how to communicate effectively, it will not only slow the rate at which you work but will bring a lot of shortcomings and perhaps errors. Mainly because you do not understand the need or you are not on the same page with other members of your team.

Time Management

Some people believe that when you work in Tech, you have free access to Time and work at your hours. One thing people fail to understand is, in every organization, Time is of much importance. Nobody is going to give you all the hours in a year to work on developing a product or analyzing a data set. This is because deadlines and goals have to be met and achieved. If much time is wasted on developing a product, what time will be left to test, work on errors, and in the end give it to users to use? One needs to understand the concept of Time-management and use it effectively.


You do not get the job because you know how to write codes or you know how to handle projects effectively. There is a problem waiting to be solved. How can you apply your skills to handling conflicts or errors? How do you find the problem and what is your approach to solving it?


This is one essential skill. Especially in a time-changing era or a fast-paced start-up. It is important to learn how to adapt and how to work effectively in any environment you find yourself.

In all, there are online resources and platforms you can learn and work on building your soft skills such as LinkedIn, Coursera, Allison, jobber man, and other educational platforms.

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