Nigerian Government to sue Meta and Elon musk Humanoid robot could eliminate poverty

One of the highlights from the past week has to be the press statement released by the regulatory body for Nigeria’s advertising ecosystem, ARCON. They requested a declaration that among other things, Meta Platforms Incorporated’s continued publication and exposure of various advertisements directed at the Nigerian market through Facebook and Instagram platforms without ensuring that they are vetted and approved before exposure was illegal, unlawful, and in violation of the nation’s current advertising laws.

The owners of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta Platforms Incorporated, and its representative, AT3 Resources Limited, have been sued by the Nigerian government through the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, which is seeking N30 billion($70million) for alleged violations of advertising laws.

According to ARCON, the Federal Government has lost money as a result of Meta Platforms Incorporated’s continuous airing of unscreened commercials.

As a result of Meta Incorporated’s ongoing exposure of prohibited advertisements on its platforms, the agency is requesting a N30 billion($70million) fine as well as compensation for lost revenue.

Summary of the issue

  • The Nigerian Government wants Meta to pay a sum of N30 billion($70million) as compensation for lost revenue
  • The Nigerian Government is upset at Meta because they are allowing millions of Nigerians to use their platform for advertisement without proper vetting or regulations.
  • Once again, The Nigerian government is disgruntled that none of the money made from these adverts is going to the nation’s pocket.
  • Meta has not given any public statement yet on this issue, so we await the company’s reply.

Another major highlight from the past week will be Elon Musk displaying the most recent version of the humanoid robot which he claims will one-day end poverty. Before going into details, it is important to know, Humanoid robots are built to look like humans.

The latest Humanoid version produced by Tesla is called “Optimus”. During the annual Tesla AI Day presentation, an Optimus prototype was mounted on a small platform and rolled onto the stage. The robot, which is still a work in progress, raised its knees and waved to the spectators.

Tesla wants to make sure that the transition to a society in which robots perform the labor and people reap the benefits is a safe one, according to Musk, who previously warned that artificial intelligence posed a threat to humanity. According to Musk, Tesla is creating the Optimus robots to be produced in large quantities at a price that may be as low as $20,000.

This entails an abundant future, one without poverty and one in which you may obtain any goods or services you desire, according to Musk.

He claimed that it represented a profound shift in civilization as we know it.

Summary of Elon Musk Humanoid Robot

  • The Robot is still a work in progress
  • The Robot creation is aimed at performing labor while humans reap the benefits
  • The Robot will be sold for a low price of $20,000 and also be produced in large quantities.
  • The question of how soon will this project be completed and how much of the world population can afford the “low price” is yet to be answered.

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