Geo-tagging on Social Media: How It Can Boost Your Restaurant Visibility

Geo-tagging. You may be familiar with the phrase, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before. Either way, it’s a very useful tactic to boost your business’ visibility on social media. Geo-tagging takes your online presence a step further than just having a website and being searchable on major search engines. It helps people discover you when they might not even be trying. And that’s the beauty of it. In this article, we’ll define geo-tagging and discuss the impact it can have on your restaurant.

Geotagging is the process of identifying a location, whether it be of a photo or just where you’re posting a status at any given time. It’s available on most social media apps, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The purpose? To let followers know where you were when the photo or update was created. And people love using it, probably because posts that are geotagged get 79% more engagement!

When people tag your restaurant’s location in their posts, it’s basically free advertising for you. People trust individuals they know for advice on places to visit. If someone tags your restaurant in their post, followers can click on the location link to see exactly where your business is located, as well as other photos that were taken there. If they like what they see, they might ask the person who posted the photo about how their experience was, or just skip the small talk and pay you a visit!

Since the engagement is so high when posts are geotagged, you should consider doing the same when you post to your own social media accounts. Tag your Instagram photos with your location so when people are exploring the app and stumble upon your page, they can quickly identify where you are on the map.

So, how does one go about geotagging? Today, we’ll focus on Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat.


The average person spends about 35 minutes per day on Facebook! I’m sure you’ve seen the little map pin pop up when you’re posting an update on Facebook. This tool allows you to let people know where you are at the time of the post by “checking in” to a location. Some people may find this a bit intrusive, but a lot of social media users are utilizing this feature in order to spread awareness and opinions of a particular restaurant, shopping center, or other establishments to their followers. Here is an example of how the tagging option will look:

Create a new status on Facebook:

As you can see, “Check in” is an option when posting a status.   Once you click on “Check in” you’ll be given an option to choose where you’re located at the time of the post.

Once your location is tagged by an individual, it is in the form of a clickable link. If someone clicks, they’ll be taken to a map of the location or, if your business has a Facebook page, directly redirected to your page. See below:

Having your location tagged on Facebook is a great way to gain visibility, as most people are checking out what their friends are up to on a daily basis.


As for Instagram, geotagging is simple as well. When someone uploads a new photo, they’ll be prompted to first apply a filter. When they click next, they’ll be given the option to tag people or add a location.

Once they click Add a Location they’ll be given a list of places in the surrounding area of where the photo was taken.

If the photo was taken at your restaurant, they will be given the option to choose it as a location. Once the photo is posted, the location tag will be visible below the username and above the photo.

And there you have it! Once a location is tagged, it’s clickable, so if someone does click on the location, a new page will appear that has the restaurant on the map, along with your own Instagram page, the Top Posts and Most Recent posts that occurred there.

Instagram geotagging is a great way to gain extra exposure through user-generated content. Make sure to remember to tag your location in your own posts as well, so Instagram users can quickly locate you on the map.


Snapchat allows users to post stickers, text, and even GIFS on top of their videos and photos. They also offer “geofilters” which are fun, decorative border geotags that you can place around your photos that identify your location.

For example, if someone is visiting Broadway in New York City, there will most likely be a geofilter that says Broadway (see the example below).

You can create your own geofilters for your business, so consider making one for your restaurant (note: this costs money & you can choose how long you want it to be visible for). You can design the filter yourself, so get creative! Make sure the geofilter represents your brand. Find out more about creating your own geofilter on the Snapchat website.

Here is an example of one I made from scratch, but there are also pre-loaded filters you can choose from as well.

Once you purchase the geofilter, patrons can start using it to decorate their photos. This builds awareness and interest for your business. And although this option isn’t free, it’s a pretty creative, useful marketing tactic!

Geotagging is a way for people to let their followers know where they are, whether it be at a restaurant, park, mall, or any other location you can think of! People who use geotagging when they’re at your restaurant are basically giving you free advertising. Their followers can engage with the photo or post by clicking on the location and find out more about your business. Social media is a popular tool used by millions, so take advantage of the opportunities it presents for your restaurant.

Thanks for reading. Interested in improving your restaurant’s online presence? We can help! SinglePlatform puts your menu and business information accurately on the search, review, travel, and social sites people are using to find new restaurants. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you stand out everywhere that matters online.

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